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Consulting - Marketing Support

Requirement Analysis and Planning
We can analyze all your customer requirements, reconcile with general market requirements, and help planning for optimized products that are just appropriate for a market segment.

Collateral document writing
You would like to take our services for writing best quality marketing collateral documents such as whitepapers, case studies, product application notes, and so on. We can also review and analyze particular market surveys and prepare executable reports with key highlights and executive summary.

Customer Relationship Management Support
CRM comes with a wide scope in responsibilities. Depending on mutually agreed terms, we can provide reliable and confidential intermediary services to maintain best relations between you and your customers.

Technical Consultant

  • Product Promotion
  • Marketing Support
  • Product Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Execution
  • Org Planning & Development
  • Consultation Phone
  • Kick Start your Business

    We provide all kinds of business solutions for any EDA/semiconductor start-up as well as established organizations. If you are an start-up, we can provide you to setup effective operations for product planning, development and deployment, and even team and customer management. If you are an established player, we can help you in bringing excellence in your existing operations as well as incubating new ideas. We want to hear from you before being able to help you with new ideas and better suggestions. Setup an appointment with us to embark on a developmental journey.