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About Fangarias

Pawan Fangaria is an independent business consultant and entrepreneur in semiconductor industry. He is an avid blogger on various topics relating to semiconductor design, fabrication and EDA at Semiwiki, a well reputed social media site in the semiconductor industry.

Pawan is a post graduate in Electrical Communication Engineering with specialization in VLSI (CAD) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Since his graduation in 1990, he is associated with the semiconductor industry. Initially at ITI Ltd, he developed EDA tools for gate array and standard cell based designs and then full custom design. There after he worked at Duet Technologies (which later merged with Freescale Semiconductor) where he managed semiconductor library development group. His last stint was at Cadence Design Systems, where he worked for more than 13 years in various roles; the last one being Engineering Director heading the physical design group at Cadence Noida site. Pawan also has an MBA with specialization in marketing strategy from The Strategy Academy, Calcutta.

Pawan is the Founder President and Chief Consultant at Fangaria Associates and provides consultancy in semiconductor and EDA domain to companies around the world.

Detailed Profile

Smita Fangaria holds Master of Science and Master of Philosophy in Physics and is a senior teacher for undergraduate students at Amity International School, Noida. She is an active member of Indian Association of Physics Teachers and has shared her experiences as a physics teacher in the form of some articles in the magazine of IAPT. She is also a member of Utsahi Physics Teachers group co-ordinated by Dr. H.C. Verma, Professor at IIT, Kanpur. As a member of this group she is involved in developing and demonstrating many new innovative experiments for classroom sessions of Physics education.

Fangaria Associates is a reliable consulting home for semiconductor business houses. We provide an effective solution to your business in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and Semiconductor design industry. The semiconductor industry is very diverse and spread across the world. A business operating in this industry needs worldwide exposure and well connected through the design and supply chain. Also, it needs to be cost effective with high quality in order to stay relevant and competitive in the global context.

We provide customized services to your business according to its need to address particular areas such that your business grows and gets due value, visibility and return. We provide various kinds of consulting services that include product or company promotion, branding, finding right partners for outsourcing project execution, bringing excellence in your internal operations, strategy formation, marketing and technical support. At your request, we also can help in effective decision making in various situations; for example, external or internal investment, organizational planning, product planning etc. We maintain strict confidentiality as a principle.

With several years of deep expertise in EDA and semiconductor domain, we can provide you convenient, flexible, reliable and trusted consultancy to your satisfaction level that can boost your business confidence. You can rely on us to grow your business to next levels comfortably.

Technical Consultant

  • Product Promotion
  • Marketing Support
  • Product Planning
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Execution
  • Org Planning & Development
  • Consultation Phone
  • Kick Start your Business

    We provide all kinds of business solutions for any EDA/semiconductor start-up as well as established organizations. If you are an start-up, we can provide you to setup effective operations for product planning, development and deployment, and even team and customer management. If you are an established player, we can help you in bringing excellence in your existing operations as well as incubating new ideas. We want to hear from you before being able to help you with new ideas and better suggestions. Setup an appointment with us to embark on a developmental journey.