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We provide all kinds of business solutions for any EDA/semiconductor start-up as well as established organizations. If you are a start-up, we can provide you to setup effective operations for product planning, development and deployment, and even team and customer management. If you are an established player, we can help you in bringing excellence in your existing operations as well as incubating new ideas. We want to hear from you before being able to help you with new ideas and better suggestions. Setup an appointment with us to embark on a developmental journey.

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Our tailor made business solutions

We broadly operate in the following three modes, but not limited to these.

  • One Time Turnkey - It is a short term one time activity to accomplish an identified task
  • Term Plan - It is a time bound plan of mutually agreed duration with periodic deliverables at regular intervals. Fees are charged at regular intervals on agreed terms.
  • Partnership - It is a long term partnership which can be in various terms depending on mutual understanding. In this partnership, we generally contribute in management aspects; provide support in all aspects of product planning, development, promotion, marketing etc. and work on long term basis for accrued results.

We also provide event based consultation on phone that is charged on the basis of consultation time. Call us at +91 9811824023 or email at for more details.